Discuss the importance of religion in society today.(karan)

Religion in society in the modern world is often linked to secularism. Religion in society today affects our life and most significantly, the politics. As shown in the article, Singapore is less strictily secular as compared to the United States. This is reflected in the government funding for building of mosques.

Religion plays a important role in our life. Religion is a very touchy issue i say this due to the many attacks carried out regarding religion, an example would be the Maria Hertogh riot that caused numerous deaths and riots in Singapore, thus  if religious matters are not handled properly, dire consequences might follow. Society today needs to understand and know what is not respectful to a religion and that making comments negative comments about a religion as very serious consequences.

Singapore being a secular state encourages religion practises. For many people the ability to practice their religion is very important, to an extent that without that every Sunday ritual ;like going to church for the Christians, makes their week and they have to something to look forward to at the end of the week. 

In conclusion, religion in society today plays a very important role because it not only determines the state of the society is in, that means, peace or riots, This is mainly because religion after all, is a very sensitive issue to many, thus, needs extra attention from the society and if matters concerning it is not dealt with properly, we will have to face consequences just like what happened in the past where peace is almost impossible to achieve with the amount of riots and fighting’s that happened due to religious conflicts between people.


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